Nexus Partnership Program

Lawrence ENV is partnering with a select group of industry leaders to provide a wide array of environmental, energy and project management services to further expand the benefits we offer our clients. Through our new partnerships, Lawrence ENV will be able to further support our clients with the most comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions while providing value engineering and significant cost savings.


Lawrence ENV continually seeks to expand our offerings to best serve our clients. Through our carefully vetted partnerships, now offers the following services:

  • Technology: Cutting-edge, cost-effective and customizable solutions for a safer and healthier indoor environment. A one-stop environmental management technology that monitors your air quality, thermal comfort, viral index, tvoc, temperature, humidity, wifi, noise and more. Corporations, offices, facilities, schools, and homes.
  • Project Management: Design and construction oversight, relocation management, site decommissioning, strategic project planning, sustainability and wellness services. On stop for all of your project management needs.
  • Energy Management & Sustainability Software Technology: Reduce your electricity bill and carbon footprint while you unlock your building’s energy data to save money and meet your sustainability goals.
  • Local Law 97: Short and long term actions plans & preliminary surveys.
  • Solar Packages: Government incentives & financing.

Lawrence ENV continually seeks to expand our offerings to best serve our clients.

Our team is available to answer questions and assist you in selecting the best course of action for your business. Please submit your inquiry below to further these discussions, or contact Scott Lawrence Smith email or call 212-682-2001